Setting up your first room
Getting started

Preparing your room in advance helps you plan a great flow, and makes you feel more in control when the session starts.

Setting up a room is easy! You can customize it with:

  • Basic Settings & Customization: Edit everything from the room name, URL, waiting room and session wallpaper.
  • Agenda: You can add in different agendas and use a different one for each session.
  • Toolbox: Add in the tools that you might need for each room
  • People: If you collaborate a lot with co-facilitators, you can add them in as Room Collaborators so they can edit the setup. And if they’re a paid member, they can start the session without you there.

Remember that you can always start sessions even without including an agenda and tools - but we do encourage this, as adding structure and key activities really help your session flow better!

Once you’ve set up what you need, you can schedule the session and invite participants to it. For more instructions on how to do this, you can refer to the ‘Connecting your calendar’ video which we just covered earlier.

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