Onboarding participants
Getting started

Onboarding participants well and getting them comfortable in using a new tool can help you run smoother sessions.

Here are some tips to getting this right:

  1. Send participants the How to Butter Participant Guide so they know how to get set up right.
  2. We'd recommend joining through laptop/PC. You can do it from the desktop app or through your browser (Chrome works best!).
  3. If people are joining on the go, ask them to download the mobile app ahead of time.
  4. Check if Butter has permission to access your mic and camera. You can test it before the session even starts here or through the “Test” function on the bottom-right part of your waiting room.
  5. Use headphones to avoid unwanted echoes during the session.
  6. Avoid having “heavy” programs on that take up bandwidth or CPU performance. (e.g. torrents, video streaming, etc)
  7. If you’re planning to use Miro or Google Drive, remember that having third-party cookies blocked on the browser (via adblockers) or having incognito mode on will cause Miro/Google Drive to not work on Butter. We suggest turning both off before the session!
  8. Once you’re in the session, you can also use the Intro to Butter flashcards so they’ll understand how to use the tool and engage better with you!
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Getting started