Product update
June 6, 2024
June 6, 2024

Pro is now Unlimited—and comes with Advanced AI GPT-4o! 💫

Product update

We’re thrilled to introduce some exciting improvements to the Butter plans!

🆙 Pro plans are now Unlimited!

Why? Because we believe ‘Unlimited’ perfectly captures what you get - an unlimited supply of the best things Butter has to offer! Enjoy unlimited access to all our premium features at the same price!

✨ Unlimited plans powered by ChatGPT-4o

With this update, all Unlimited plans now include the most advanced AI model from OpenAI—ChatGPT-4o. This upgrade significantly enhances the quality of AI-powered features in Butter, from recaps and summaries to AI agenda generation.

Upgrade to Unlimited today to maximize your Butter experience!

🧈 What about Starter and Free?

Starter and Free users will continue to enjoy AI-powered features, supported by ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo.

👀 Coming soon: Big update to recaps!

We're working on some big improvements to the Butter recaps that is going to further increase the quality and value of summaries, while also making it so much easier to find exactly what you need!

See you soon!

May 30, 2024
May 30, 2024

Rooms: Simplified setup, smoother UX and new features 🙌


Rooms in Butter is where you set everything up ahead of your sessions, collaborate with your fellow facilitators and instructors - your session control room more or less! And to make everything a lot easier and more delightful to work with, we've given the rooms a fresh update and a few new features!

Here's what you'll find:

🏃 Speedy room creation flows
Create new rooms in a fast and streamlined flow. Your URL updates automatically  to match your room name and you can add collaborators in a jiffy! Neat!

⚡️Streamlined room setup
All room setup pages have been redesigned to simplify your overview, make it easier to find what you need, and update the general user experience!

🖥️ Disable 'request to share screen'
You can now fully disable the need for participants to request to share their screen right from the room settings.

🎨 Branding: Custom colors in your waiting room
Yes, you can now finally add your own personal HEX color as your background in your Butter waiting room! 

✨ Better agenda creation flows!
An improved overview of your agendas and new options to create your next agenda! You can now Start with AI directly from the overview and you will soon be able to leverage the powers of ChatGPT-4o in Butter as well!

🗑️ Clear out your toolbox in an instant
If you've ever needed to clear out your toolbox, you know that this has been a bit tedious. Well, now you can clean it completely with no more than two clicks. Easy!

That’s a wrap 🌯

See you soon, as we've got some great improvements lined up for you!

May 27, 2024
May 27, 2024

New Butterboards and templates! Simple, delightful collaboration 🔥


🖍️ Butterboards: Fast and effective collaboration!

Brand new Butterboards are here! Butterboards is our own take on a simple, yet powerful collaborative whiteboard that is seamlessly integrated into your Butter experience! 

Here are the most important updates:

✨ Redesigned UI
Butterboards have received a complete design overhaul. The new interface is sleek and modern, yet it retains the familiar and friendly Butter aesthetic. This fresh look ensures that your collaborative sessions are as visually pleasing as they are productive.

⏩ Follow-me Functionality
Keeping everyone on the same page has never been easier. Use the Follow-me feature, to effortlessly guide participants through your thoughts and ideas. Simply activate Follow-me, and everyone will be brought to your current view, ensuring no one misses a beat.

🎛️ Control editing permissions
Boards are great and also work well to present work and ideas! If you're just looking to present, you can disable editing for all participants, so they'll be in view-only mode! You can now present your board with ease!

🙈 Hide cursor names and anonymous editing
Sometimes, simplicity is key. For those moments when you need a cleaner workspace, you can now hide cursor names. This feature reduces clutter, allowing you to focus on what’s important without the distraction of multiple names on the screen. You can also enable anonymous editing to remove names for all pariticipants completely.

🖇️ Add images and embed interactive elements
Add some personality to your Butterboards by uploading images or embedding interactive elements like videos from Youtube or code snippets from Codepen. This new feature allows you to bring your ideas to life by incorporating visuals and interactive content, making your sessions more engaging and dynamic.

🚀 Quick launch boards from your toolbox
Time is of the essence, and the new Board quick launch option lets you create and launch a new board in seconds directly from your toolbox. Use the quick launch to quickly open a new space to let your thoughts flow freely!

"Woow that's so awesome!". Yeah, it sure is! Buuut... we haven't even covered the best part yet. Read on 👇

Templates! Build from or create your own 🔥

Explore Butterboard templates in the Public Template Gallery!

⚡️ Start with a template
When creating a new board, you'll have the option to add one of our ready-made templates from the Butter Template Gallery to the board! We've got everything from buttery retro and adventurous sprint planning templates to brainwriting guides and business ideation canvases!

 🖍️ Add templates while building
Another great thing is that you can add multiple templates to your board at any time! Access all available templates, both workspace and public, from the template picker in the top right of your board! It's just as smooth as you'd like it to be!

🤩 Create your own templates
You can of course also create your own templates! Simply save the board your working on as a template and you can use it as a starting point for your next sessions! Templates can be private or you can share them with all members of your workspace.

💌 Share your templates with all Butter users!
Are you building something fun, epic, useful, adventurous? We'd love to share your Butterboard creations in the Butter Public Template Gallery! Reach out so we can get you featured!

That's a wrap 🌯

Have a great day!

Product update
May 6, 2024
May 6, 2024

Recording updates: Hide participants from recordings!

Product update

We've had a lot of requests for improvements on the Butter recordings! Here are a few major updates that we've just shipped to improve them significantly!


🙈 Hide participants from recordings

Sometimes, it's just not practical to have your participants show up on your recordings. You can now set it up so participant videos are hidden in the final recording! you can set this up in your room or in your session. Chris also has a short explainer that you can check here:

🤩 Improved viewer experience for recordings

Together with the updates to hide participants, we've cleaned up the recording outputs so that it looks much crisper and cleaner.

 What does this mean? It means we've removed any unnecessary elements from the final recording, to make sure that your viewers will have the most focused and optimised experience possible!


That's it for now! We'll be back sooner than you know it!